The longevity and durability of residential roofs are significantly impacted by their geographical location, especially for homeowners in Traverse City, Michigan. You face specific hurdles in maintaining a long-lasting roof due to unpredictable weather conditions caused by varying climate patterns. Consequently, recognizing the need for a replacement is critical as these roofing systems only last for a limited amount of time.

Factors Affecting Roof Longevity

Several factors influence how long a roof will last before replacement is needed.


To maintain the integrity of your roof decking and prevent moisture buildup that can compromise shingle strength, install a roofing underlayment. This underlay provides extra support for shingles to reinforce them against slipping.

Installation Quality

How new roofing is installed can greatly affect its lifespan. Ensuring proper placement of shingles and fasteners and following all manufacturer instructions will increase durability and safeguard your product warranty.

Roof Pitch

It’s crucial to understand that roofs with shallower inclinations take more time to dispel moisture after a downpour and are also prone to damage. To safeguard your low-slope roof, opt for resilient roofing materials and schedule yearly inspections.

Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Asphalt shingles are the most common solution in Michigan for roofing materials. The quality-dependent asphalt shingle roof that is properly installed can last 15 to 20 years. The extended guarantee of some asphalt shingle manufacturers may be up to 25 years.

Asphalt shingles come in various grades, with higher-grade shingles normally lasting longer. The ones that cost less tend to last the shortest: between 15-20 years. The upper-middle and premium shingles can easily achieve the higher end and even surpass 20 years in some environments. The third one is the thicker and fiberglass-reinforced shingle. This product performs better than the thinner and organic or composite ones.

Proper ventilation is one of the factors that affect the lifespan of asphalt tiles. Additionally, there is a need for good attic ventilation to reduce the shingles’ excess heat buildup that may accelerate drying. Hiring experts to maintain your roof regularly can maximize asphalt your roof’s lifespan. Professional roofers can remove moss, repair shingles, and replace damaged parts.

Metal Roofs

Although costly initially, metal roofs are worth the investment, considering the long-term benefits they offer once installed correctly. Likewise, standing seam metal roofs can last for about 50-75, while metal shingle and tile roofs can last about 30-50 years. Copper and galvalume-coated steel are examples of higher-end options on the spectrum.

Wood Shake and Wood Shingle Roofs

Wood shake and wood shingles create an aesthetic appearance that can develop a weathered patina over time but usually last no longer than composition roofs. When to replace wood shake or shingle roofs depends on the geographic area. It also varies from about 20 to 30 years.

Homeowners who live in areas with high rainfall or humidity should replace their wood roofing more frequently, sometimes under 20 years. Regular staining or treatment with water sealant helps extend the life of wood roofs. Proper attic ventilation prevents rot from excess moisture buildup under the roofing surface.

Synthetic Roofing Options

Many synthetic roofing options seek to emulate the aesthetic of wood or shake shingles while improving longevity.

1. Composition shingles

Composition shingles are a blended material resembling asphalt shingles but can last 25-50 years, generally outperforming standard asphalt.

2. Cement roof tiles

These tiles simulate the clay tile look and can last 50+ years when professionally installed over good underlayment. However, they require more maintenance than other options.

3. Synthetic wood shingles

Manufactured to resemble cedar shakes but rated to last 50-100 years, these shingles retain their color and are mildew/fire resistant. They are more environmentally friendly than PVC versions.

Roofs with asphalt shingles usually last up to two decades, but durable metal or synthetic ones can last more than 50 years. It is critical to select the right type and material based on your home and budget and to perform the necessary repairs and maintenance to extend the life of your investment. F S Roofing LLC is a seasoned company that has been in the business for many years now. We provide quality roofing materials and different roofing services to safeguard homes and offices.

Whether you need emergency repairs, full replacement, or routine inspections in Traverse City, our highly skilled professionals can ace all your jobs. Contact us today for more information.

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